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Smart shirt monitors posture, sends correcting alerts

TruPosture is a smart shirt with embedded nanosensors that continuously measure the curvature of one’s spine.  It is being crowdfunded on indiegogo. The wearer, and a physical therapist, set a personalized posture goal.  When the spine diverges, vibrations  are sent as posture reminders. One vibration burst happens when a wearer is leaning too far forward, […]

Ralph Lauren’s health sensing smart shirt

PoloTech, Ralph Lauren and OMsignal‘s smart shirts, will be available for sale this week.  Like the partnership between Intel and Opening Ceremony, this represents the fashion mainstreaming of wearable technology. The shirt has embedded silver fibers to track heart rate, heart variability, breathing depth and recovery, intensity of movement, energy output, stress levels, steps taken, […]

Heart monitoring t-shirt

Imec and Holst Centre researchers have developed a smart t-shirt that monitors heart rate, heart rate variability, activities performed and calories burned.  The data is shared via the cloud to a user or doctor’s phone, tablet or computer. The fabric contains miniaturized electronic modules with high accuracy and ultra-low power multi-sensor data acquisition chips. Processing, battery […]

Multiple measurements, including blood pressure, from shirt sensor insert

Nike was recently awarded a patent for a skin-touching sensor system that can be inserted into a shirt.  It can measure heart rate, blood pressure, hydration, and skin temperature, and transmit the data over radio frequencies, Bluetooth and WiFi. If it works, the ability measure blood pressure from shirt sensors, combined with other vital signs, is […]

Biometric shirt monitors astronaut vital signs

Astroskin is a  prototype medical monitoring shirt and headband for astronauts that could be used to continuously monitor patients. Its sensors record and analyze the wearer’s vital signs, sleep quality and activity level. Data is relayed to medical teams on the ground to monitor a crew member’s health, behavior and performance during daily operations and […]

Obamacare positions mHealth as a remedy for chronic hospital readmissions The Obama administration introduced the ACA in 2010 to move health care away from a fee-for-service model to one that promotes preventative care and overall wellness. Beginning this October the ACA will reinforce this approach by penalizing hospitals with chronic readmission problems by cutting Medicare reimbursement payments to those facilities. This policy initially targets […]