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Another crowdfunded vital sign monitor As the crowdfunding of remote health devices increases, another vital sign monitor has launched on Indiegogo. Scanadu Scout analyzes and tracks temperature, respiratory rate, blood oxygen, heart rate, blood pressure and stress trends.  The company states that it accomplishes this in 10 seconds. The device is still pre-FDA approval but quite promising. They claim […]

Crowdfunding an autonomic nervous system monitor The W/Me sensor has the ability to capture electrical impulses relayed from the sinoatrial (SA) node, a group of specialized cells in the right atrium. It uses a proprietary algorithm to measure heart rate variability, map the autonomic nervous system, and indicate mental state.

Eldercare monitoring system based on social connections Lively is an in-home sensor network for connecting elderly loved ones to their families.  The system combines a series of wireless sensors, a data-collection hub and biweekly printed mailers that serve as kind of an analog social network. The basic setup measures medication compliance, food and drink intake and general activity outside the home. Lively is […]

Crowdfunding peer-reviewed science and technology

ApplySci is a peer-reviewed crowdfunding platform for scientific and medical research.  It is also a virtual incubator, nurturing researchers from the early stages of funding through product commercialization.  Its founders are experienced scientists, noted academics, entrepreneurs, and investors.  Our mission is to improve our world by advancing and applying science. The goal of ApplySci is […]