Home-based autism therapies

The MICHELANGELO project creates home-based solutions for assessing and treating autism, including: Pervasive, sensor-based technologies to perform physiological measurements such as heart rate, sweat index and body temperature Camera-based systems to monitor observable behaviors and record brain responses to natural environment stimuli Algorithms allowing for the characterization of stimulus-specific brainwave anomalies These technologies will allow for […]

Breath test for malaria

QIMR Berghofer, ANU and CSIRO researchers are developing  a breath test for malaria. Current blood testing methods have not changed since 1880. A recent study found a marked increase in normally almost undetectable chemicals in malaria patients’ breath.  The chemicals were seen four days earlier than with a traditional microscope test, with higher sensitivity. Malaria killed 584,000 […]

Alpha wave oscillation stimulation studied for depression

UNC‘s Flavio Frohlich used low doses of electric current  to boost creativity by enhancing alpha wave oscillations.  His  goal is to to help people with neurological and psychiatric illnesses, as some depression patients have impaired alpha oscillations. His Cortex paper showed EEG observed alpha wave oscillation enhancement using a 10-Hertz current run through electrodes attached to the scalp. Frohlich […]

Study: DBS reshapes neural circuits

UCSF professor Philip Starr published a paper suggesting that Deep Brain Stimulation works by reducing overly synchronized motor cortex activity. He believes that this explains why surgically implanted electrodes improve movement, tremor, and rigidity in Parkinson’s patients. Little is known about why and how DBS works.   This has held back efforts to improve the therapy. […]

Cheap, remote, smartphone molecular cancer diagnosis

A Harvard and Mass General developed device may bring rapid, accurate molecular diagnosis of cancer and other diseases to remote locations.  The smartphone-based device creates holograms to collect detailed microscopic images for digital analysis of the molecular composition of cells and tissues. The study’s authors believe that “because the system is compact, easy to operate, […]