Keystroke patterns to detect early Parkinson’s

Madrid-MIT M+Vision Consortium researchers used keystroke patterns to diagnose motor function impairing conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease.  In a Scientific Reports paper, they described their algorithm’s ability to distinguish keystroke patterns of sleep deprived typers, and rested typers.   A study of 24 Parkinson’s patients suggested that the keystroke algorithm can also distinguish people who have the disease from […]

Mobile hyperspectral “tri-corder”

Tel Aviv University‘s David Menlovic and Ariel Raz are turning smartphones into hyperspectral sensors, capable of identifying chemical components of objects from a distance. The technology, being commercialized by Unispectral and Ramot, improves camera resolution and noise filtering, and is compatible with smartphone lenses. The new lens and software allow in much more light than current smartphone camera […]

Wearable detects asthma triggers

North Carolina State University‘s Veena Misra is developing a wearable that detects asthma triggers. The device monitors environmental factors, such as ozone, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide levels, as well as vital signs including heart rate and hydration. Sensor data is transmitted wirelessly to a phone or physician’s office.  The intention is to guide people away […]

App helps orthopedic surgeons plan procedures

Tel Aviv based Voyant Health‘s TraumaCad Mobile app helps orthopedic surgeons plan operations and create result simulations.  The system offers modules for  hip, knee, deformity, pediatric, upper limb, spine, foot and ankle, and trauma surgery.  The iPad app mobile version of this decade old system was recently approved by the FDA. Surgeons can securely import medical images from the […]