Smart watch strap enables customized monitoring

Pebble Time and Time Steel will incorporate a charging and data conductor, enabling the use of custom “smartstraps.”  This will empower the wearer to determine–and change–the type of monitoring he or she desires. External companies will develop compatible straps with various health and fitness tracking capabilities. The Pebble could power the straps, or a second battery […]

Bio-ink pens for “do-it-yourself” sensor monitoring

Led by Joseph Wang, creator of the non-invasive glucose monitor ApplySci described in January, UCSD engineers are developing “do it yourself” sensors, drawn directly on skin and smartphones.  The simple, cheap sensors could be used in the clinic, at home, or on the battlefield. The bio-inks react with several chemicals, including glucose.  Biocompatible polyethylene glycol is […]

Skin biopsy could detect Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s

University of San Luis Potosi‘s Ildefonso Rodriguez-Leyva is developing  a skin test for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases that detects elevated levels of characteristic proteins.  Based on the hypothesis that that skin is essentially the same as brain tissue, originating from the same source during fetal development, the test might identify biomarkers to help diagnose the diseases […]

Graphene neutralizes cancer stem cells, leaves healthy cells unharmed

University of Manchester‘s Michael Lisanti, Aravind Vijayaraghavan  and Federica Sotgia have shown that graphene oxide acts as an anti-cancer agent that selectively targets cancer stem cells.  The researchers believe that this could lead to tumor shrinkage and preventing the spread and recurrence of cancer when combined with existing treatments. The team tested a variety of graphene oxide formulations against breast, […]

Paper test detects Ebola in 10 minutes

MIT‘s Hamad-Schifferli Group and Lee Gehrke have developed a paper strip test that can detect Ebola, Yellow Fever, and Dengue Fever in 10  minutes.  The strips are color coded, using triangular silver nanoparticles, to distinguish among diseases. The test relies on lateral flow technology,  used in pregnancy tests and for diagnosing strep throat and bacterial […]

Cheap, self powered, wireless, disposable health tracker

The University of Tokyo‘s Hiroshi Fuketa has created a flexible, wireless, self-powered, cheap, disposable continuous vital sign monitor.  The armband’s temperature sensor measure body heat under the arm, piezoelectric speaker provides audible feedback, and amorphous silicon solar cells provide  power.  Its organic ink circuits are printed onto a plastic film.  Other sensors could be incorporated to […]