Home + wearable sensors detect motor function issues

Fujitsu Laboratories,  CASALA, and Insight@UCD  have developed technology that detects abnormal motor function early using wearable and home embedded sensors. 110 ambient sensors were installed in a home which, combined with wearable sensors,  collected extensive daily routine data.   Researchers discovered abnormalities that often go unnoticed by doctors by extracting “opened door” or “walked” events that […]

ResearchKit can simplify, improve diagnostics

As a company devoted to improving the human condition through health innovation, ApplySci was delighted to hear yesterday’s ResearchKit announcement.  The framework allows people to easily join health studies, and simplifies the process by bringing research to one’s phone. ResearchKit’s first tests detect Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma, and breast cancer.  Apple worked with 12 institutions to […]

Smart necklace tracks food intake

UCLA’s Majid Sarrafzadeh, Haik Kalantarian and Nabil Alshurafa are developing WearSens, a piezoelectric sensor necklace that tracks vibrations near one’s neck to determine food intake.  The wearable works with apps, such as MyFitnessPal, to monitor food eaten (as well as drinking and smoking), including calories, and make wellness recommendations.  Its creators compare it to a wearable food diary […]

Nanoparticle device disrupts cancer genes

MIT researchers have developed a gold nanoparticle device embedded in a hydrogel that can be injected or implanted at a tumor site to disrupt cancer genes. The nanodevice blocks the gene that confers drug resistance, then launches a new chemotherapy attack against the vulnerable tumor. Nuria Oliva, Natalie Artzi, and Joao Conde tested the device in […]

Video game trains brain to combat amblyopia

Game developer Ubisoft, with Amblyotech and McGill University,  has released “Dig Rush,” a video game used to treat amblyopia. Amblyopia is caused when the eyes and the brain aren’t working together, because one eye is stronger or the eyes are misaligned. Patching, the traditional treatment for amblyopia, attempts to force the weaker eye to work harder […]

Smart watch strap enables customized monitoring

Pebble Time and Time Steel will incorporate a charging and data conductor, enabling the use of custom “smartstraps.”  This will empower the wearer to determine–and change–the type of monitoring he or she desires. External companies will develop compatible straps with various health and fitness tracking capabilities. The Pebble could power the straps, or a second battery […]