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Eye controlled communication device for locked-in patients

A communication device for locked-in patients was unveiled at the BrainTech Israel conference today. Shay Rishoni is the CEO of Prize4Life, the Israel based ALS research group.  He has suffered from ALS for 5 years, and is now unable to communicate. Today, on the conference stage, Shay used Hello World‘s EyeControl,  a blink driven, inexpensive, automatically […]

EEG enables ALS patients to control devices, communicate

Philips and Accenture are using EEG brainwaves to help ALS patients command electronic devices via a wearable display, a tablet and software. The system can access a medical alert service, a smart TV and wireless lighting, and communicate via pre-configured messages. The wearable display provides visual feedback that allows the user to navigate the application […]