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AI for (much) earlier breast cancer detection – Constance Lehman

Connie Lehman — Professor, Radiology, Harvard Medical School; Chief of Breast Imaging, radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital; Co-director of AVON Breast Center, Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital; and Director, Breast Imaging Research Center, Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital spoke at ApplySci’s recent conference at Harvard Medical School. Click to listen to her talk on using AI to discover breast cancer 5 years […]

Deep learning mammography model detects breast cancer up to five years in advance

MIT CSAIL professor Regina Barzilay and Harvard/MGH professor Constance Lehman ¬†have developed a deep learning model that can predict breast cancer, from a mammogram, up to five years in the future. The model learned subtle breast tissue patterns that lead to malignant tumors from mammograms and known outcomes of 90,000 MGH patients. The goal is […]