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Google Glass monitors heart and breathing in real time

A paper released this week by MIT Media Lab and Georgia Tech researchers claims that Google Glass can detect pulse and respiration rhythms in real time.  The responses were measured using a built-in gyroscope, accelerometer and camera, with no external sensors. According to lead author Javier Hernandez, “Glass detects these physiological indicators with a very high accuracy when compared […]

Neurofeedback app for Google Glass

Personal Neuro, creators of a guided meditation app, are testing Introspect: the PND Wearable.  It is a head-mounted, voice-activated neuroimaging app designed to work with Google Glass.  We anticipate similar Glass apps in the near future, and are encouraged by its potential. The developers claim that Introspect can be applied in the following ways: Passively monitor […]

Google Glass for frail seniors Google Glass applications can benefit the aging population in many ways: – Sensors can track a person’s gait, and identify mobility problems that signal a potential fall and broken bones. Early warning signs can trigger preventative treatments and healthcare providers could try stop a fall before it happens. – Reminders for taking medication can be […]