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3D printed renal architecture

Harvard’s Jennifer Lewis and Roche’s  Annie Moisan have used 3D printing to fabricate a small but critical subunit of a kidney.  The renal architecture contains living epithelial cells. Earlier bioprinting approaches were adapted to form thick tissues.  A 3D-printed silicone gasket was used to cast an engineered extracellular matrix as a base layer. “Fugitive ink” was […]

Toward a 3D printed heart

Carnegie Mellon‘s Adam Feinberg is developing 3D printing techniques that could in the future be used to repair the heart.  This work is aimed at alternative solutions for the 4,000 Americans currently waiting to receive a heart transplant. Feinberg described his progress:  “We’ve been able to take MRI images of coronary arteries and 3-D images […]

Faster, personalized, 3D printed heart models for surgery planning

MIT and Boston Children’s Hospital researchers are converting heart MRI scans into 3D printed physical models,  for surgical planning,  in 3-4 hours.  Previously, the process took 10 hours. The project, which limits human input to increase accuracy, is led by Professor Polina Golland.  Physicist Medhi Moghari enhanced the precision of the MRI, decreasing the dependence on generic models, […]

3D printed airway splints restore breathing

At the University of Michigan, three children under 2 with tracheobronchomalacia had 3D printed devices implanted to open their airways and restore their breathing. Professors Glenn Green and Scott Hollister were able to create and implant customized tracheal splints for each patient. The device was created directly from CT scans of their tracheas, integrating an image-based […]

3-D printed organs interlaced with blood vessels

MIT Technology Review Harvard professor Jennifer Lewis has created a patch of tissue containing skin cells and biological structural material interwoven with blood-vessel-like structures using a 3-D printer and “disappearing” ink. Lewis’s team created hollow, tube-like structures within a mesh of printed cells using an “ink” that liquefies as it cools. The tissue is built by […]