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Continuously generated “small data” analysis to improve health

The discussion of “big data” analysis in healthcare continues, unabated.  At ApplySci’s recent Wearable Tech + Digital Health + NeuroTech NYC conference, Cornell professor Deborah Estrin, who is also a founder of Open mHealth, described how “small data” — our digital patterns and interactions — can help physicians by creating a more meaningful representation of our […]

Wearable + cloud analysis track Huntington’s disease progression

In the latest pharma/tech partnership, Teva and Intel are developing a wearable platform to track the progression of Huntington’s disease.  There is no cure for the disease, which causes a breakdown of nerve cells in the brain, resulting in a  decline in motor control, cognition and mental stability. The technology can be used to assess the effectiveness […]

Sanofi/Verily joint venture to fight diabetes

Big pharma + big tech/data partnerships continue to proliferate. Onduo is a Sanofi/Verily joint venture that will use each company’s expertise to help manage diabetes  — Sanofi’s drugs  plus Verily’s software, data analysis, and devices. CEO Josh Riff and has not announced a project pipeline, as they are taking “a thoughtful approach to finding lasting […]

“Data, not drugs” for elite sport performance

With equal parts modesty, enthusiasm, and wearable tech expertise, Olympic cyclist Sky Christopherson came to ApplySci’s recent Wearable Tech + Digital Health + NeuroTech NYC conference to “thank this community for helping the US Olympic team before the last Olympics with a lot of the same technology to help athletes prepare, using data and not drugs.” […]

Machine learning for faster stroke diagnosis

MedyMatch uses big data and artificial intelligence to improve stroke diagnosis, with the goal of faster treatment. Patient CT photos are scanned  and immediately compared with hundreds of thousands of other patient results.  Almost any deviation from a normal CT is quickly detected. With current methods, medical imaging errors can occur when emergency room radiologists […]

Sleep app uses wearable sensors, cloud analytics

The American Sleep Apnea Association,  Apple and IBM have begun a study about the impact of sleep quality on daily activity level, alertness, productivity,  health and medical conditions. iPhone and Apple Watch sensors and the ResearchKit framework collect data from healthy and unhealthy sleepers, which is sent to the Watson Health Cloud. The SleepHealth app uses the watch’s  heart rate […]

Virtual clinic uses apps, VR, data, wearables in remote care

USC’s Center for Body Computing, led by Professor Leslie Saxon, has created the Virtual Care Clinic, featuring vetted, best of class partners providing integrated remote healthcare solutions.  The eight initial partners are Doctor Evidence, IMS Health, Karten Design, Medable, Planet Grande, Proteus Digital Health and VSP Global. Mobile apps, virtual doctors, data collection and analysis systems, […]

Machine learning based cancer diagnostics

Search engine giant Yandex is using its advanced machine learning capabilities to detect cancer predisposition. Yandex Data Factory has partnered with AstraZeneca to develop the RAY platform, which analyzes DNA testing results, generates a report about patient genome mutations, and provides treatment recommendations and side effect information. Testing will begin next month. The two companies have signed a cooperation […]