“Data, not drugs” for elite sport performance

With equal parts modesty, enthusiasm, and wearable tech expertise, Olympic cyclist Sky Christopherson came to ApplySci’s recent Wearable Tech + Digital Health + NeuroTech NYC conference to “thank this community for helping the US Olympic team before the last Olympics with a lot of the same technology to help athletes prepare, using data and not drugs.”

Sky launched OAthlete at the 2012 London Olympics, to develop technology that will allow elite athletes — and the rest of us — to “fine tune” training to “understand how each athlete is responding as a unique individual.”

His mission is to put forth the use of data — not drugs — to enhance performance — healthfully, and sustainably.  Click to view his interview with StartUp Health’s Unity Stoakes at the conference.

ApplySci’s 6th Wearable Tech + Digital Health + NeuroTech Silicon Valley – February 7-8 2017 @ Stanford  | Featuring:   Vinod Khosla – Tom Insel – Zhenan Bao – Phillip Alvelda – Nathan Intrator – John Rogers – Mary Lou Jepsen – Vivek Wadhwa – Miguel Nicolelis 



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