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Phone-based support for psychosis

University of Washington’s Dror Ben Zeev has published a paper detailing a wide array of phone-based technology meant to support the recovery of psychosis throughout life — from early detection to symptom management to vocational rehabilitation, The study includes self reported mental health assessments, self-management interventions, medication reminders, messages from case managers, tele-therapy, and skill […]

Voice analysis as a diagnostic tool

Beyond Verbal recently used its emotion-detecting voice analysis app in an attempt to predict coronary artery disease in 150 study participants, 120 of whom had presented for angiography.  The company claims to have identified 13 voice features  associated with CAD – and one associated with a 19-fold increase in its likelihood. The researchers said that […]

Curated, enterprise-wide, health app prescription system

Mount Sinai Health System (with 7,100 physicians) has launched RxUniverse, an enterprise wide, curated app prescription system. Included apps have have been evaluated based on published evidence, to help physicians utilize digital health solutions, with an increased level of safety. A pilot platform was launched throughout five clinical areas at Mount Sinai earlier this year.  Physicians […]

Mental illness symptoms self reported, empowering patients and alerting caregivers

Monsenso is an app created to help those who suffer from mental illness gauge their own symptoms.   ApplySci applauds this and other attempts to empower the patient (as long as privacy is protected), which in itself could produce positive outcomes.  Data is continuously sent to clinicians, and emergency interventions are facilitated. Monsenso users complete […]

Phone sensors detect anemia, irregular breathing, jaundice

University of Washington’s Shwetak Patel and his UbiComp Lab colleagues develop non-invasive, smartphone based tests, meant to bring diagnostics to the masses. HemaApp,  a smartphone/light  source detection  method for anemia, could be especially  useful in  areas  lacking  access to care.   Anemia is extremely common in poor  countries. In a recent study, a phone camera was  used […]

“Data, not drugs” for elite sport performance

With equal parts modesty, enthusiasm, and wearable tech expertise, Olympic cyclist Sky Christopherson came to ApplySci’s recent Wearable Tech + Digital Health + NeuroTech NYC conference to “thank this community for helping the US Olympic team before the last Olympics with a lot of the same technology to help athletes prepare, using data and not drugs.” […]

Sleep app uses wearable sensors, cloud analytics

The American Sleep Apnea Association,  Apple and IBM have begun a study about the impact of sleep quality on daily activity level, alertness, productivity,  health and medical conditions. iPhone and Apple Watch sensors and the ResearchKit framework collect data from healthy and unhealthy sleepers, which is sent to the Watson Health Cloud. The SleepHealth app uses the watch’s  heart rate […]