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Concussion app gauges recovery

As the incidence of and focus on concussion grows, the neurotech community continues to develop diagnostic tools and treatment protocols. One such tool is the NYU developed Concussion Tracker app,  and corresponding study, designed to track self-reported physical and cognitive function after concussion.  The app does not, however, diagnose concussion. The goal is to monitor […]

Virtual clinic uses apps, VR, data, wearables in remote care

USC’s Center for Body Computing, led by Professor Leslie Saxon, has created the Virtual Care Clinic, featuring vetted, best of class partners providing integrated remote healthcare solutions.  The eight initial partners are Doctor Evidence, IMS Health, Karten Design, Medable, Planet Grande, Proteus Digital Health and VSP Global. Mobile apps, virtual doctors, data collection and analysis systems, […]

Wearable, home, school sensors + app predict asthma attacks

ApplySci is pleased to report another sensor-based initiative to combat asthma. Alex Bui and colleagues from UCLA and USC are creating technology for smart phones and watches to identify asthma attack triggers.  The program is part of the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging & Bioengineering’s Pediatric Research using Integrated Sensor Monitoring Systems  initiative. The  platform will transmit data to a phone from […]

Sport performance game app to train the brain

Games are increasingly recognized as a method of enhancing cognitive abilities.  HeadTrainer is meant to improve the brain with 5-10 minutes of daily gameplay. The sports games were designed to exercise 5 cognitive skills:   decision making, processing speed, focus, memory, and visual/spatial awareness.  Developer Deborah Attix of Duke University focused on testing and training the brain with […]