Smart, gamified children’s toothbrush

In an effort to improve children’s oral health, the GUM Smart Toothbrush attachment uses acceleration and other sensors to determine ideal brushing patterns. The information is sent in real time, via Bluetooth,  to a smartphone. Brushing movement and timing is analyzed, recorded and displayed.  Previous data is available to gauge progress. Children then participate in a game called “Mouth Monster,” where they “fight” mouth bacteria by improved brushing.  The app will also offer a music player and read news to the user.

This is the latest evolution of the smart toothbrush, and hopefully one that is fun enough for kids to comply.  In 2012, Oral-B released  an electronic toothbrush with a handheld screen to help control brushing pressure. In 2013,  candy maker Morinaga released a video game to help kids learn how to brush better.