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Future hearable sensors could track physical, emotional state

Apple has filed patent applications describing wireless earbuds that monitor health while a wearer talks on the phone or listens to music.  This has obvious exercise-related implications, but could potentially track the physiological impact of one’s emotional state while making calls, as a mobile mental health tool. Sensors included in the patent include EKG, ICG, […]

Wearable patch monitors lactate, glucose, and pH in sweat

Northwestern’s John Rogers has developed a wearable, sweat analyzing patch.  The flexible microfluidic device uses colorimetric biochemical assays and integrates smartphone image capture analysis to monitor lactate, glucose, chloride ion concentrations, and pH.  The wearable, with sports, military, and disease monitoring applications,  can be adapted to test tears and saliva. Professor Rogers will be a […]

“Data, not drugs” for elite sport performance

With equal parts modesty, enthusiasm, and wearable tech expertise, Olympic cyclist Sky Christopherson came to ApplySci’s recent Wearable Tech + Digital Health + NeuroTech NYC conference to “thank this community for helping the US Olympic team before the last Olympics with a lot of the same technology to help athletes prepare, using data and not drugs.” […]

Wearable patch simultaneously monitors biochemical, electric signals

Joe Wang and Patrick Mercier of UCSD have developed a flexible, wearable, patch that monitors both biochemical and electric signals. Most  wearables only measure one parameter, such as steps or heart rate, and few measure chemical signals. The Chem-Phys patch records EKG signals, and tracks lactate levels, marking physical effort, in real time.  It  is worn on […]

Ultra slim sensors for next generation wearables

LG Innotek has developed an ultra-thin optical bio sensor module for monitoring heart rate, blood oxygen, and stress. High-end smartphones typically include these  modules, which complement fitness wearables and apps. LG claims that the new module is more accurate and uses less energy than current sensors. Because of its size,  is can be used in very […]

Ralph Lauren’s health sensing smart shirt

PoloTech, Ralph Lauren and OMsignal‘s smart shirts, will be available for sale this week.  Like the partnership between Intel and Opening Ceremony, this represents the fashion mainstreaming of wearable technology. The shirt has embedded silver fibers to track heart rate, heart variability, breathing depth and recovery, intensity of movement, energy output, stress levels, steps taken, […]