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“Bubble-pen” writes with nanoparticles

Yuebing Zheng and University of Texas colleagues have developed a “bubble pen lithography” device and technique to quickly, gently and precisely handle nanoparticles.  This can support the creation of accurate and highly sensitive biomedical sensors for drug delivery or imaging, among other applications. The method relies on micro bubbles to  inscribe nanoparticles onto a surface.  A laser is […]

Nanoparticle treatment targets brain tumors

Tel Aviv University Professor Dan Peer is developing a nanoparticle-based process to target glioblastoma cells, previously considered untreatable. Nanoparticles were injected into tumors, acting as the drug delivery system. Nucleic acid, with interference RNAs, attached to receptors  expressed specifically on glioma cells, and stopped the activity of a key protein that regulates the rapid reproduction of […]

Paper test detects Ebola in 10 minutes

MIT‘s Hamad-Schifferli Group and Lee Gehrke have developed a paper strip test that can detect Ebola, Yellow Fever, and Dengue Fever in 10  minutes.  The strips are color coded, using triangular silver nanoparticles, to distinguish among diseases. The test relies on lateral flow technology,  used in pregnancy tests and for diagnosing strep throat and bacterial […]