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3D printed skin, with blood vessels

Pankaj Karande and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute colleagues have developed 3D printed living skin, with blood vessels. which could integrate with host cells in grafts. Until now, a significant barrier to integration has been the absence of a functioning vascular system. Karande previously made two types of living human cells into “bio-inks,” and print them into a skin-like […]

3D-bioprinted human skin can replace animal testing, potentially be used in burns

José Luis Jorcano at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid has developed a 3D bioprinter capable of replicating the structure of skin. The human-like  skin that is produced  includes an epidermal layer that protects against the environment, and a collagen-producing dermis that provides elasticity and strength. The bioink material  contains human plasma, and  primary human fibroblasts […]

Electric fields induce nanoscale deficits to rejuvenate skin

Harvard and Tel Aviv University researchers have developed a non-invasive tissue stimulation technique, utilizing microsecond-pulsed, high-voltage, non-thermal electric fields, to produce scarless skin rejuvenation.  Already effective in tumor removal and wound disinfection, the technique may revolutionize the treatment of degenerative skin diseases. Current skin therapies use  physical and chemical methods to affect cells and the extracellular […]