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Video: Boston VC’s on funding digital health innovation

Video:  Flare Capital’s Bill Geary, Bessemer’s Steve Kraus, Oak HC/FT’s Nancy Brown, and Optum Ventures’ Michael Weintraub on funding and commercializing innovation. Recorded at ApplySci’s Digital Health + Neurotech conference at the MIT Media Lab, September 19, 2017 Join ApplySci at Wearable Tech + Digital Health + Neurotech Silicon Valley on February 26-27, 2018 at […]

Small, adhesive, wireless patch collects, transmits, extensive health data

Northwestern’s John Rogers and Kyung-In Jang of the Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology have developed a small, adhesive, flexible silicone patch capable of monitoring multiple health parameters. The soft, body-conforming wearable contains 50 components connected by  250  3-D wire coils embedded in protective silicone.  It collects and wirelessly transmits data about movement, respiration, and […]

Hypoallergenic, continuous, week-long health wearable

University of Tokyo professor Takao Someya has developed a hypoallergenic, adhesive, continuous health sensor. The device can be worn comfortably for a week because of its nanoscal mesh elastic electrodes.  This allows the skin to breathe, preventing inflammation. The electrodes contains a  biologically compatible,  water-soluble polymer, polyvinyl alcohol, and a gold layer. The wearable  is applied […]

Earbud sensor reportedly measures blood pressure, dehydration

As health sensors become more discreet, and fused with commonly worn devices, Kyocera has integrated a tiny, optical sensor into its earbud.  The hybrid music/phone/health use wearable measures blood flow in hypodermal tissues using Laser Doppler velocimetry. It can monitor nerve and blood pressure, levels of dehydration, and possible signs of heat stroke.  Sleep monitoring can […]

Sweat sensor for cystic fibrosis detection, drug optimization, glucose monitoring

Carlos Milla, Ronald Davis, and Stanford and Berkeley colleagues have developed a wearable sweat sensor for detecting cystic fibrosis, diabetes and other diseases.  It can also aid drug development and personalization, and continuously monitor patients. The flexible sensor/microprocessor system adheres to the skin, stimulates sweat glands, and detects the presence of molecules and ions based […]

Verily’s health sensing research watch

The  Verily Study Watch passively captures health data for continuous care platforms and clinical research. Key features described by the company include: Multiple physiological and environmental sensors are designed to measure relevant signals for studies spanning cardiovascular, movement disorders, and other areas. Examples include electrocardiogram (ECG), heart rate, electrodermal activity, and inertial movements. A long […]