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Flexible hydrogel bandage senses temperature, releases medicine

MIT’s Xuanhe Zhao has designed a bandage that  releases medicine in response to changes in skin temperature.  It can be programmed to light if  wound attention is required, such as when medicine is low. The flexible,  gel-like material  incorporates temperature sensors, LED lights, other electronics, and tiny, drug-delivering reservoirs and channels. Zhao believes that hydrogel coated […]

Wearable + exercise app to improve Parkinson’s symptoms

MIO and Beneufit have partnered to develop wearables to target the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The pdFIT exercise app was developed to improve manual dexterity and fitness levels in Parkinson’s patients.  The wearable continuously monitors progress via sensors on the wrist. The company claims that its Optimal Heart Rate  technology cancels noise caused by movement, […]