Heart rate as diabetes marker

Wearables can effectively monitor heart rate.  A recent study shows a new use for this data – predicting diabetes. Penn State‘s Xiang Gao observed an association between faster heart rates and an increased risk of developing diabetes in 73,357 Chinese adults. In the same population, faster heart rates were also associated with impaired fasting glucose levels and […]

Headphones to diagnose brain injury, infection

Robert Marchbanks and Tony Birch at University Hospital Southampton have developed a noninvasive  brain pressure test to detect head injuries and infections. The cerebral and cochlear fluid pressure (CCFP) test uses patient headphones  to measure ICP via a channel which links the inner ear with the brain. As fluids in the ear and brain are connected, a […]

Intent controlled prosthetic foot using myoelectric sensors

Ossur‘s sensor implant allows amputees to control  bionic prosthetic limbs with their minds.  Myoelectric sensors are surgically placed in residual muscle tissue.  Prosthetic movement is triggered via a receiver. Ossur’s existing “smart limbs”  are capable of real-time learning and automatically adjust to a user’s gait, speed and terrain.   However,  conscious thought is still required. […]