Science, not walls.

Reactionary politics must not deter our focus. On the future. On science. On technology. On healthcare. On progress. On our shared humanity.

It is my honor to gather the brilliant, for interdisciplinary exchanges about improving health, treating disease, and assisting the disabled. About enhancing life.  At our Digital Health + NeuroTech conferences at  Stanford and MIT.

Thank you to our speakers:  Phillip Alvelda, Zhenan Bao, Eythor Bender, Sky Christopherson, Casper de Clercq, Karl Deisseroth, Shahin Farshchi, Roozbeh Ghaffari, Tom Insel, Nathan Intrator, Mary Lou Jepsen, Vinod Khosla, Miguel Nicolelis, John Rogers, Krishna Shenoy, Unity Stoakes, Tarun Wadhwa, Vivek Wadhwa, and Mounir Zok.

You are the bright lights of our future.

Lisa Weiner Intrator, November 9, 2016