Sensors + robotics + AI for safer aging in place

IBM and rice University are developing MERA — a Waston enabled robot meant to help seniors age in place.

The system comprises a Pepper robot  interface, Watson, and Rice’s CameraVitals project, which calculates vital signs by recording video of a person’s face.  Vitals are measured multiple times each day. Caregivers are informed if the the camera and/or accelerometer detect a fall.

Speech to Text, Text to Speech and Natural Language Classifier APIs are being studied to enable answers to health related questions, such as “What are the symptoms of anxiety?” or “What is my heart rate?”

The company  believes that sensors plus cognitive computing can give clinicians and caregivers insights to enable better care decisions. They will soon test the technology in partnership with Sole Cooperativa, to monitor the daily activities of seniors in Italy.

Click to view IBM video

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