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DARPA neural implant to enhance brain-computer connections

DARPA is leading the development of an improved  neural implant for connecting the brain to computers, using advances neuroscience, synthetic biology, low-power electronics, photonics and medical manufacturing.  Their goal is to to dramatically enhance  neurotechnology research capabilities and provide a foundation for new therapies. The Neural Engineering System Design program aims to produce a miniaturized brain implant, smaller […]

Implant could direct images to visual cortex, restore sight

DARPA is in the early stages of developing a “cortical modem” which would enable a simple visual display via a direct interface to the visual cortex.  Its projected cost is 10 US Dollars. The project lead is Dr Phillip Alvelda.  It was built on Karl Deisseroth‘s optogenetics research — studying and controlling specified cells within living […]

Nerve and muscle interfaces for prosthetic control DARPA continues to build technology with academic partners to enable amputees to control prosthetic limbs with their minds.  Examples follow: Researchers at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago demonstrated a type of peripheral interface called targeted muscle re-innervation (TMR). By rewiring nerves from amputated limbs, new interfaces allow for prosthetic control with existing muscles. Researchers […]