Wearable haptic feedback/stimulation band to address Parkinson’s symptoms

Microsoft has submitted a patent application for a wearable band that uses haptic feedback for stimulation when wrapped around limbs or joints.  It is meant to alleviate Parkinson’s symptoms, including tremors and muscle stiffness.

Haptic actuators are distributed across a band that is adjusted to a  “duty cycle” which responds to data derived from wearable sensors, including accelerometers, gyroscopes, heart-rate sensors, and electromyography sensors, as well as tablets or phones.

Examples include stylus sensors communicating with a wrist-worn device to detect involuntary motion while writing. The actuators would then be used to reduce the involuntary motion.  The wearable itself could also detect the motion of the actuators.

The patent describes stimulation “provided through the vibration of two or more actuators within the wearable device. In various examples, the wearable device may additionally comprise a second channel for the provision of therapeutic stimulation, such as an audio channel (e.g. the wearable device may additionally comprise a speaker or buzzer),”

The sensors could be integrated into a patch on a shoulder or other joint, or into clothing.

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