“Augmented attention” wearable assists the visually impaired

OrCam is a disruptive artificial vision company that creates assistive devices for the visually impaired.  It is led by Hebrew University professor Amnon Shashua.

MyMe, its latest product, uses artificial intelligence to respond to audio and visual information in real-time.  A clip on camera and Bluetooth earpiece create what the company calls an “augmented attention” experience, meant to enrich interactions.

The device is aware of all daily actions — including people we meet, conversation topics,  visual surroundings, food we eat, and activities we participate in. Visual and audio processing functions serve as an extension to a wearers’ awareness.  A built in fitness tracker will also be included.

More details will be available after MyMe is unveiled at CES next week.

Wearable Tech + Digital Health San Francisco – April 5, 2016 @ the Mission Bay Conference Center

NeuroTech San Francisco – April 6, 2016 @ the Mission Bay Conference Center

2nd Annual Wearable Tech + Digital Health NYC – June 7, 2016 @ the New York Academy of Sciences

NeuroTech NYC – June 8, 2016 @ the New York Academy of Sciences




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