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Wearable sensors monitor Parkinson’s symptoms

Kinesia’s HomeView and ProView technologies provide standardized platforms to quantify Parkinson’s disease symptoms in the clinic and at home. Physicians have the tools to quantify tremor, assess dyskinesia and measure bradykinesia remotely. A patient uses a take home kit, programmed to specific symptoms and treatments,to complete motor tests several times a day. The patient can also enter […]

Patch monitors muscle activity, dispenses medicine

Kim Dae-Hyeong and colleagues at Seoul National University have created a dermal patch that measures and records muscle activity, dispenses medicine continuously, and stops drug delivery when appropriate.  The study was published in Nature Nanotechnology today. The system is ideal for Parkinson’s patients, as tremors that accompany the movement disorder are not constant.  The patch senses tremors early […]

Smart pacifier monitors baby’s health and location

BlueMaestro’s Pacifi monitors a baby’s temperature and transmits the data to a parent’s phone or tablet.  Its app plots the data in a graph.  Parents can record when medication was administered, set-up alerts, and share the information with nannies and doctors. Pacifi features a built in proximity sensor that allows parents to monitor the pacifier’s location […]

Wearables track, manage, predict epileptic seizures

Artefact Dialog | SmartMonitor Artefact Dialog allows epilepsy patients to track, manage, and predict seizures. The patch-like wearable connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone app.  It can help wearers remember to take their medications, warn them about seizures, and alert friends, family, or caregivers when a seizure happens. Connected apps help users analyze where they […]

Facial expression controlled ear computer/health monitor

AFP | Japan Times Kazuhiro Taniguchi of Hiroshima City University has developed a 17 gram “Earclip-type Wearable PC”  equipped with a GPS, compass, gyrosensor, battery, barometer, speaker and microphone.  A microchip and data storage enable users to load software.   The device is being tested now, with promising applications for the elderly and disabled. The system […]

Update: Samsung increases health applications with Gear 2 watch, Gear Fit, Galaxy S5

Samsung has updated its devices as it tries to establish dominance in the health and fitness tracking market. Its Gear 2 watch is now based on Samsung’s Tizen operating system rather than Android. It includes an accelerometer and gyroscope – capable of acting as a pedometer and an optical heart rate monitor. This allows the watch […]

Smart holograms diagnose and monitor medical conditions Cambridge researchers are developing responsive, color-changing diagnostic holograms.  Silver nanoparticles are formed into three dimensional holograms of predetermined shapes in a fraction of a second using a single laser pulse.  They will be used for portable medical tests and devices, to monitor diabetes, cardiac function, infections, electrolyte or hormone imbalance easily,inexpensively, and non-invasively. The […]

Sensors detect radiation complications early, at home Susan Peterson and colleagues at MD Anderson have completed a feasibility study showing that equipping head and neck cancer patients with home-based sensors can identify dehydration during radiation treatment. Physicians reviewed patients’ information daily using CYCORE (CYberinfrastructure for COmparative Effectiveness REsearch), a software-based platform to collect and manage data from multiple systems through a suite of home-based and […]