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Tiny, ingestible robot can deliver medicine, patch wounds, remove objects

Daniela Rus and MIT, University of  Sheffield, and Tokyo Institute of Technology colleagues have developed an ingestible origami robot designed to patch wounds, deliver medicine or remove foreign objects from a person’s stomach. The tiny robot, made of pig intestines, can unfold itself from a swallowed capsule. Steered by a doctor using external magnetic fields, the “microsurgeon” […]

Machine learning model enables robotic hand to learn autonomously

Vikash Kumar and University of Washington colleagues have developed a simulation model that allows robotic hands to learn from their own experiences, while performing dexterous manipulation.  Human direction is not required. A recent study incorporated the model while a robotic hand attempted several tasks, including  rotating an elongated object. With each try, the hand became […]

Voice, image,language identifying robot responds to human dialogue

Hitachi’s EMIEW3 robot, designed to provide customer service in commercial environments, could be an ideal companion for the elderly or disabled. Its “remote brain” allows it to identify voices, images and language in its surroundings (which it can process with background street noise).  AI enables it to  respond to human dialogue and avoid collisions.  It is light enough to […]

“Socially assistive” robot helps children learn

Tega is a “socially assistive” robot  that senses the emotional state of a learner, and based on those cues, creates a personalized motivational strategy.  It was developed by Cynthia Breazeal at MIT to enable long-term educational interactions with children. It uses an AFFDEX Android device with emotion/facial expression recognition software by Rosalind Picard‘s Affectiva, to process movement, […]

Stretchable robot “skin” can display health data

Robert Shepherd and Cornell colleagues have developed an electroluminescent “skin” that stretches to more than six times its original size while emitting light.  This could be used for soft robots that move more naturally, and dynamically display information, include health data.  The Cornell press release invites us to imagine “a  health care robot that displays a patient’s temperature […]

Robotic “glove” helps sight-impaired navigate, sense, grab objects

University of Nevada’s Yantao Shen is developing a hand-worn robotic device to help blind and sight impaired people navigate around obstacles, or locate, sense and grasp objects.  Examples include picking up a glass or operating a door handle. The technology combines vision, tactile, force, temperature and audio sensors. According to Shen: “The visual sensors, very high […]