Lung function analyzed via phone, from anywhere

Mayank Goel and University of Washington colleagues have developed SpiroCall, a system that measures lung function by analyzing a caller’s voice via smartphone, landline or payphone microphone.

An algorithm uses the phone microphone as an uncalibrated pressure sensor.  Captured audio is converted into an estimate of the flow-rate of air exiting from a patient’s mouth.

Lung function estimates are provided despite varying audio quality. One second of silence before the start of the test gauges ambient noise levels. If it is too noisy, a patient is asked to move, or to call back at another time.

SpiroCall’s results were 6.2 percent less accurate than hospital spirometers.  While not perfect, this solution could save many lives in areas where regular doctor visits are not possible.

Wearable Tech + Digital Health NYC – June 7, 2016 @ the New York Academy of Sciences

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