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Small sticker-sensor continuously analyzes breath for broad health monitoring

Heibei University, Tianjin Hospital, Beihang University, and Penn State researchers have developed an under nose-worn, stretchable, skin-friendly, waterproof sensor to analyze breath for health monitoring. It could be use for multiple-condition screening, asthma and COPD management, or environmental hazard sensing, among other applications. The functional gas sensor, in a moisture-resistant membrane, can operate in humid […]

Biodegradable piezoelectric sensor monitors lungs, brain

UConn’s Thanh Duc Nguyen has developed a biodegradable pressure sensor to monitor chronic lung disease, swelling of the brain, and other health issues. It is small and flexible and designed to replace existing, potentially toxic, implantable pressure sensors. Those sensors must be removed, subjecting patients to another invasive procedure, prolonging recovery, and increasing infection risk. […]

Lung function analyzed via phone, from anywhere

Mayank Goel and University of Washington colleagues have developed SpiroCall, a system that measures lung function by analyzing a caller’s voice via smartphone, landline or payphone microphone. An algorithm uses the phone microphone as an uncalibrated pressure sensor.  Captured audio is converted into an estimate of the flow-rate of air exiting from a patient’s mouth. […]

Stethoscope software analyzes lung sounds

Hiroshima University and Fukushima Medical University researchers have created software and an electronic stethoscope to classify lung sounds into five common diagnostic categories. Currently, doctors listening to heart and lung sounds on a stethoscope need to overcome background noise and recognize multiple irregularities. The system will be able to “hear” what a doctor might miss, and automatically […]

Ingestible sensor continuously monitors heart, breathing rates

MIT researchers are developing ingestible sensors that measure heart  and breathing rates from within the gastrointestinal tract using sound waves. This type of sensor could make it easier to assess trauma patients, monitor soldiers in battle, perform long-term evaluation of patients with chronic illnesses, or improve training for professional and amateur athletes, the researchers say. […]

Phone tracks health with out wearable sensors

Javier Hernandez Rivera of Rosalind Picard‘s Affective Computing Group at MIT is developing a health monitoring phone that does not require a wearable.  BioPhone derives biological signals from a phone’s accelerometer, which the team says captures small body movements that result from one’s heart beating and chest rising and falling. Hernandez said that BioPhone is meant […]

Piezoelectric sensor car seat monitors respiration, heart rate

Faurecia‘s “Active Welness” car seat monitors respiration and heart rate with embedded piezoelectric sensors.  The goal is to detect driver stress or alertness.  When low energy is detected, the seat responds with specific massage patterns and air flow through the ventilation system.  The non-contact sensors were developed by Hoana Medical.  Combined with advanced algorithms and signal processing, Faurecia […]