Real time blood sugar monitoring in the cloud

Google and Sanofi have partnered to develop technology to store and analyze glucose levels in the cloud in real time.  Patients and doctors will be able respond quickly to blood sugar variability,  to help prevent complications such as heart attacks and cancer over time.

Google Life Sciences CEO Andy Conrad believes that “devices that continuously monitor glucose and upload that data to the cloud will enable physicians and patients to move away from the reactive and episodic towards the proactive and preventative.”  ApplySci agrees.

Google describes its life sciences mission as follows:

The life sciences team at Google is focused on helping to move health care from reactive to proactive. Combining expertise from the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, electrical engineering, computer science, we’re developing new technology tools for physicians that can integrate easily into daily life and help transform the detection, prevention, and management of disease. Current projects in development include a smart contact lens with miniaturized glucose sensora nanodiagnostics platform to help with early detection of disease; and Liftware utensils for people with tremor.