Remotely controlled capsule endoscope captures lower GI images

A new type of capsule endoscope may improve cancer diagnostics, providing comprehensive, non-invasive imaging, including lower GI images.

The 3D printed Tadpole Endoscope (TE) has a soft tail that allows it to be  remotely guided around the stomach.  The technology was developed by Yong ZHONG, Ruxu DU and Prof Phillip W Y CHIU of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

The TE is activated immediately after being swallowed. Once it reaches the stomach, a doctor can guide the device to gather images. By adjusting a patient’s posture, the whole stomach can be viewed. The TE moves into the lower GI tract via natural peristalsis. The patient is sent home, wearing a sensor patch, to record  the lower GI images, which are transmitted to the doctor.

Currently, esophagus and stomach cancer can be diagnosed using gastroscopy; intestinal cancer can be diagnosed using capsule endoscopy; and colorectal cancer can be diagnosed using colonoscopy.

Click to view the Chinese University of Hong Kong video.