Urine test for cancer biomarkers

Minoru Sakairi and Hitachi scientists have developed a urine test for early cancer detection.

5,000 types of metabolites can be analyzed for cancer biomarkers in urine.  The team began a study three years ago, resulting in the identification of 30 metabolites that can be used to discriminate between healthy people and cancer patients.  Further validation studies will begin in September at Nagoya University.

According to Sakairi:  “For the comprehensive analysis of urine metabolites, we used a liquid chromatograph/mass spectrometer (LC/MS). Taking measurements with an LC/MS, and focusing on differences in the water-and fat-solubility of metabolites so as to optimize measurement conditions, we were able to detect over 1,300 metabolites in the urine samples. Using 30 biomarkers from among these, a look at their measured values for 15 cases each of breast cancer patients, colorectal cancer patients, and healthy subjects showed that we had made a breakthrough in being able to discriminate the difference between cancer and not cancer.”

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