Verily developing low-power health wearable

While visiting Verily last week, an MIT Technology Review journalist saw and described the company’s wearable vital tracker, called the “Cardiac and Activity Monitor” by  CTO Brian Otis.  Its novelty is a low-power e-paper display, which will address the universal problem of battery life.  Only with guaranteed continuous measurement can meaningful data be gathered and health analyzed.

The watch is reported to track pulse, heart rythm, skin temperature, light exposure, and noise levels — and perhaps cuffless blood pressure monitoring will be added to the mix.

The device is meant for use in medical research, with the goal of predicting disease.  According to scientific adviser (and former Mass General Physician-in-Chief) Dennis Ausiello: “The watch is one of several hardware activities that have a common goal, which is how to better manage the human condition and interrogate the human organism at scale across health and illness.”

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