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Artificial spleen-on-a-chip to treat sepsis Harvard researchers are developing a device that could be used to rapidly remove pathogens from the blood of patients with sepsis.  The dialysis-like machine acts as an artificial spleen, filtering the blood using injectable magnetic nanobeads engineered to stick to microorganisms and toxins.  After the beads are injected, blood is removed and run through a […]

Bio-integrated electronic tattoo measures vital signs and muscle movement Professor Nanshu Lu at The University of Texas is developing the next-generation of flexible/stretchable electronics, photonics and therapeutics.  Pioneered by John Rogers at the University of Illionois, flexible skin “tattoos” measure vital signs and muscle movement, transmitting data wirelessly and harvesting solar energy. Future versions may play critical roles inside the body in watching for signs of […]

Wireless, dissolvable circuits could kill bacteria Professor John Rogers of the University of Illinois has created bio-absorbable electronic circuits which could be implanted into wounds and powered wirelessly to destroy bacteria during healing before dissolving harmlessly into body fluids once their job is done.  Rogers and others have previously reported biodegradable flexible circuits and electronic devices that can be safely laid directly […]

Neural codes of diseases studied to discover potential “electroceutical” treatments The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, the University of Pennsylvania, MIT and GlaxoSmithKline are collaborating on research which aims to discover medicines that use electrical impulses to regulate the body’s organs and functions. Nearly all organs and functions in the body are regulated through circuits of neurons that communicate through electrical impulses. There already exist devices that […]

3-D printer builds synthetic tissues Oxford University scientists have created a custom-built programmable 3D printer that can create materials with several of the properties of living tissues. The new type of material consists of thousands of connected water droplets, encapsulated within lipid films, which can perform some of the functions of the cells inside our bodies. These printed ‘droplet […]

IBM 5 focuses on human senses IBM published its annual report, this year focusing on the five basic senses.  Highlighted future abilities of computers include: -the ability to identify distinctive image features, foregoing the need for tags -the development a sense of taste -smelling computers that detect explosives in the public and cancer in our bodies -touch sensitivity, allowing us […]

4 top trends in digital healthcare As we approach 2013, the following trends continue to spawn companies, investment, and technologies: The proliferation of personalized mobile health technologies.  The maturation of the Big Data ecosystem in health care. The rise of health startup accelerators. The emergence of health care exchange and alternative care delivery platforms.