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Diabetic retinopathy-detecting algorithm for remote diagnosis

Google has developed an algorithm which it claims is capable of detecting diabetic retinopathy in photographs.  The goal is to improve the quality and availability of screening for, and early detection of,  the common and debilitating condition. Typically, highly trained specialists are required to examine photos, to detect the lesions that indicate bleeding and fluid […]

Non-invasive tear sensor continuously monitors glucose

Noviosense is a flexible sensor glucose monitor, worn in a lower eyelid. The wireless, battery-free wearable tracks glucose levels in tears, and continuously sends measurements to one’s phone. One of three electrodes is coated with an immobilized enzyme, which converts glucose into gluconic acid, leaving the co-enzyme FAD reduced to FADH. An  oxygen molecule oxidizes the […]

Sanofi/Verily joint venture to fight diabetes

Big pharma + big tech/data partnerships continue to proliferate. Onduo is a Sanofi/Verily joint venture that will use each company’s expertise to help manage diabetes  — Sanofi’s drugs  plus Verily’s software, data analysis, and devices. CEO Josh Riff and has not announced a project pipeline, as they are taking “a thoughtful approach to finding lasting […]

GSK/Verily “biolectronic medicine” partnership for disease management

Galvani Biolectronics is a Verily/GSK company, created to accelerate the research, development and commercialization of bioelectronic medicines. The goal is to find solutions to manage chronic diseases, such as arthritis, diabetes, and asthma, using  miniaturized electronics.  Implanted devices would  modify electrical signals that pass along nerves, including irregular impulses that occur in illness. Initial work will […]

Contact lens/eyeglass system monitors blood sugar, dispenses drugs

Pohang University’s Sae Kwang Han and Do Hee Keum have developed a contact lens/ eyeglass combination  to monitor diabetes and dispense drugs as needed.  The glasses wirelessly power and communicate with the drug-releasing lens, that monitors glucose concentration in tears.  An LED alarm lights up when sugar levels are very high. The lens can be worn for […]

Study: Graphene patch monitors glucose, delivers insulin

MC10 and Seoul National University researchers, led by Dae-Hyeong Kim, have created a prototype skin patch that could both monitor blood glucose levels and administer insulin to diabetics.  This is the first time that monitoring and drug deivery have been combined. The graphene and gold mesh patch measures humidity, glucose, pH, and temperature in sweat. While the technology […]

Smart socks sense pain, pressure in diabetic neuropathy

SenseGo smart socks have multiple sensors that monitor  pressure from poor posture, over-exertion, or ill-fitting shoes, all which could lead to diabetic foot ulcers.  Pressure points are registered as electrical signals, and relayed to an app which  informs the patient of a developing risk. The washable sensor socks, developed by Hebrew University professor Yaakov Nahmias, can compensate […]