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Direct brain path for sight, sound via implanted microscope

Rice University’s Jacob Robinson, with Yale and Columbia colleagues, are developing FlatScope — a flat, brain implanted microscope that monitors and triggers neurons which are modified to be fluorescent when active. While capturing greater detail than current brain probes, the microscope also goes through deep levels that illustrate  sensory input processing — which they hope to […]

AR + Kinect games assist the hearing, visually impaired

Reflex Arc‘s  augmented reality games  work with  Microsoft Kinect to help children learn sign language and assist the visually impaired with exercise.   Boris gestures sign language, and  The Nepalese Necklace helps those with no limited sight  with mobility training. The games encourage exercise and  are designed to help blind children learn about  spatial awareness, balance, coordination, and orientation. […]

Cochlear implant could improve senior cognition, mood

Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital researchers examined 94 cochlear implant patients 3 times — before they received the device, 6 months after implantation, and 1 year after implantation. A year after the implant, (65 – 85 year old) subjects heard words more clearly, and most had improved cognition and fewer depression symptoms.  Dr. Isabelle Mosnier and colleagues detailed […]

iPhone controlled hearing aids

ReSound LiNX,  Beltone First and the Starkey Halo are hearing aids that work directly with iPhones.  Audio is sent to the device as it would a Bluetooth earpiece.  It can also act as a remote control. One’s phone can be a hearing aid’s microphone,  record information about when and where it is adjusted, and track how […]

Cochlear implant pulses deliver DNA for gene therapy

UNSW Professor Gary Housley used electrical pulses from a cochlear implant to deliver gene therapy, successfully regrowing auditory nerves.  Until now, the “bionic ear” has been largely constrained by the neural interface. In the study, Professor Housley and colleagues used the cochlear implant electrode array for novel “close-field” electroporation to transduce mesenchymal cells lining the cochlear perilymphatic […]