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Non-invasive EEG ear device to detect seizures Danilo Mandic at Imperial College in London has developed an EEG device that can be worn inside the ear, like a hearing aid.  It will enable scientists to record EEGs for several days at a time,  allowing doctors to monitor patients who have recurring problems such as seizures or microsleep. By nestling the EEG inside […]

Crowdfunded breast exam sensor and software Eclipse Breast Health Technologies has launched a crowdfunding campaign to test and eventually bring to market a wireless sensor meant to aid in the early detection of breast cancer and the tracking of patients being treated for the disease.  The campaign is meant to support the company as it goes through the FDA approval process. […]

Personalized robot companion for seniors A European consortium of research institutes, universities and technology companies has developed a highly customizable robot companion to help seniors to maintain their quality of life, stay healthy and avoid social exclusion. The robot, a mobile wheeled semi-humanoid figure equipped with cameras, sensors, audio, and a touch screen interface, can remind users to take their […]

Elfi-Tech – non-invasive sensor captures more meaningful health data Elfi-Tech of Israel, led by Dr. Ilya Fine,  has disrupted digital healthcare.  They are the only Israeli finalist in the Nokia XCHALLENGE competition, which “envisions a future of access to affordable, personalized healthcare through sophisticated sensing technologies”.  The company has developed a sensor that is more suitable as a continuous monitor with minimal discomfort. […]

Home medical device data uploaded to EHRs; patient participation encourages behavior modification Boston’s Partners HealthCare has launched a system that allows patients to upload information from their medical devices directly to their electronic records in doctors’ offices.  Patients can regularly use glucometers, blood pressure cuffs, bathroom scales, and pulse oximeters at home, and send the data to their doctors.  Doctors are also becoming increasingly interested in […]

Contact lens continuously monitors intra-ocular pressure The Sensimed Triggerfish combines a non-invasive wireless soft contact lens sensor with an automated system for recording IOP related patterns for up to 24 hours. The ambulatory patient wears the device during normal activity, including sleeping.  At the end of the session, the data is transferred from the recorder to an ophthalmologist’s computer for analysis […]

Tooth sensor monitors health National Taiwan University researchers have created a tooth-based sensor, accelerometer, and associated machine learning software to detect and distinguish between chewing, smoking, coughing, or speaking.  The capability to monitor mouth motions may help physicians keep track of patient progress or allow a patient to better understand his/her health habits.  Working prototypes of the tooth […]

uChek crowdfunds smartphone urine analysis system Biosense’s uChek is crowdfunding its urine analysis system.  It is a free app for iPhone users that can interpret color changes on urine analysis test strips with a smartphone camera. uChek can be used for semi-quantitative and qualitative detection of leukocytes, ketone, nitrite, urobilinogen, bilirubin, protein, specific gravity and pH. Test results may provide information […]

Smartphone diagnostic and cloud platform make eye care accessible Vinod Khosla and others have invested in MIT Media Lab’s EyeNetra, a smartphone attachment that claims to diagnose nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.  The device is positioned as a less bulky alternative to the Shack-Hartmann Wavefront sensor.  A $2 eyepiece is clipped onto a phone.  The user then clicks to align the displayed patterns.  The number of […]