Home medical device data uploaded to EHRs; patient participation encourages behavior modification


Boston’s Partners HealthCare has launched a system that allows patients to upload information from their medical devices directly to their electronic records in doctors’ offices.  Patients can regularly use glucometers, blood pressure cuffs, bathroom scales, and pulse oximeters at home, and send the data to their doctors.  Doctors are also becoming increasingly interested in eating habit, movement, and sleep data collected by patients using consumer health-tracking devices.

A recent study by the company showed a significant decrease in diastolic blood pressure among participants who both took their readings and uploaded them to a web interface where they could track and monitor their progress.

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  1. We can move forward….
    Those small devices can use gsm chips and wyfy connectivity to send data automatically. Dialed numbers can be programmed and a Medical history can be automatically updated each time the equipment is used.

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