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AI driven, music-triggered brain state therapy for pain, sleep, stress, gait

The Sync Project has developed a novel, music-based, non-pharmaceutical approach to treating pain, sleep, stress, and Parkinson’s gait issues. Recent studies showed Parkinson’s patients improved their gait when listening to a song with the right beat pattern, and post surgery patients used 1/3 the amount of self-administered morphine after listening to an hour of music. […]

Earbud sensor reportedly measures blood pressure, dehydration

As health sensors become more discreet, and fused with commonly worn devices, Kyocera has integrated a tiny, optical sensor into its earbud.  The hybrid music/phone/health use wearable measures blood flow in hypodermal tissues using Laser Doppler velocimetry. It can monitor nerve and blood pressure, levels of dehydration, and possible signs of heat stroke.  Sleep monitoring can […]

Cabin sensors, wearables, smart pills to monitor air passenger health

British Airlines has filed a patent application for a system that would monitor when a passenger is awake, asleep, hungry, nervous, hot, cold or uncomfortable. The “system and method for controlling the travel environment for a passenger” encompasses motion-sensing sleep monitors, wearables that track eye movement, heart rate, and temperature, and ingestible health-tracking pills. The […]

Sleep app uses wearable sensors, cloud analytics

The American Sleep Apnea Association,  Apple and IBM have begun a study about the impact of sleep quality on daily activity level, alertness, productivity,  health and medical conditions. iPhone and Apple Watch sensors and the ResearchKit framework collect data from healthy and unhealthy sleepers, which is sent to the Watson Health Cloud. The SleepHealth app uses the watch’s  heart rate […]

Ring monitors vitals 24/7, makes sleep improving suggestions

Oura ring is a crowdfunded wearable that monitors heart rate, respiration, temperature, and movement, including time spent sitting.   The ceramic ring uses Bluetooth to share data with the accompanying app, which makes activity suggestions to improve sleep.  It also provides a “readiness score,” which the company claims alerts a user of his/her peak physical and mental […]

Sleep sensor directs appliances, allows remote monitoring

Samsung’s SleepSense measures breathing, heart rate, and movement in real time, without  touching the body. The company claims that this monitoring results in a 97% accurate sleep score, delivered to one’s phone. SleepSense can communicate with a television, audio system, thermostat, and other household devices, to create a favorable sleep environment.  TVs can be turned off […]

Device scores daily sleep quality

Nintendo has filed a patent for a  device that scores one’s sleep quality each day.   A user’s weight, pulse and movement information, as well as room temperature and humidity, are gathered.  A microphone, camera, thermometer and other sensors calculate a sleep score that will be projected onto the ceiling. The abstract describes sensors that assess emotions, […]

Built-in, contactless sensors monitor breathing

Novelda’s building-integrated “XeThru” sensor modules detect human presence and monitor respiration.  Breath rate and depth are measured and tracked in real-time.   The use of radio waves, rather than infrared, ultrasound or light, allows the modules to ‘see through’ a variety of objects, including  building materials and blankets. The sensors are intended for hidden, tamper proof, […]

Less obtrusive sleep monitoring

Stevens Institute of Technology and Florida State University researchers have developed a sleep monitoring system using earbuds with an in-line microphone plugged into an iPhone. The microphone monitored study participants’ breathing to within half a breath per minute of what could be recorded with a chest-worn respiration monitor and collar clipped microphone.  The novelty of […]