UP3 – fitness tracker or medical monitor?

 As fitness tracker features become increasingly similar to those of medical devices, Jawbone will release a powerful, fashionable, sensor based wristband.  The UP3 will  be stylish, with its Chanel-like quilt pattern and slim form.  It will also include multiple temperature and motion sensors,  and four electrodes that send electrical signals into wrist tissue. Using bioimpedance analysis, the device measures the resistance of body tissue to electric current, enabling  several physiological signals, including heart rate, to be captured.

The band will measure steps taken, calories burned, and resting heart rate, as others do.  Sleep will be monitored with a level of precision that differentiates between deep and REM sleep.  Future features might include hydration, respiration, stress and fatigue sensing.

Accompanying software will pool data into a program called Smart Coach,  which will, for the first time, offer workout and diet tips based on one’s daily activity and sleep analysis.