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Gait sensors predict falls, allowing preventive intervention

University of Missouri’s Marjorie Skubic has used sensors to measure gait speed and stride length, to predict falls.  The goals is to use wearables and smart home technology to preserve independence and allow seniors to age in place. Data was collected at an independent-living style retirement residence. Images and nurse alert emails were generated when […]

Affective computing system responds to dementia patient emotions

SenseCare (Sensor Enabled Affective Computing for Enhancing Medical Care) is a Cork Institute of Technology led project meant to teach computers how to recognize and respond to human emotions.  The goal is to use applied psychology to monitor and improve the care of dementia patients. The affective computing based system will manage data from voice and face […]

Wearable detects cardiac arrest, notifies emergency services

 iBeat is a wearable emergency response system that continuously monitors the heart.  Meant for seniors, it detects cardiac arrest in real time, provides alerts, and sends regular updates to caregivers. If cardiac arrest is detected, the wearer receives a call within 10 seconds.  If he/she cannot be reached, an emergency contact and emergency medical services […]

Voice, image,language identifying robot responds to human dialogue

Hitachi’s EMIEW3 robot, designed to provide customer service in commercial environments, could be an ideal companion for the elderly or disabled. Its “remote brain” allows it to identify voices, images and language in its surroundings (which it can process with background street noise).  AI enables it to  respond to human dialogue and avoid collisions.  It is light enough to […]

Interactive senior health and brain training app

Notre Dame’s Nitesh Chawla has created eSeniorCare, a personalized, social app to help seniors age in place. Several existing apps  track data.  eSeniorCare is meant to engage and stimulate seniors, and be interactive.  Users can connect with carers by sending questions and concerns through text or voice recordings. Health goals are tracked and sent to supporters who […]