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Device analyzes senior behavior, notifies caregivers of anomalies

Numera EverThere monitors senior health and daily activities in real time, and immediately notifies caregivers of of out-of-parameter readings. Senior safety products are typically reactive — the most popular example being a button pushed after a wearer has fallen.  EverThere aims to be proactive, monitoring  daily activities and movement to determine anomalies which require intervention. The service […]

Smart walker monitors gait, assesses falling probability

Footprints by Quanticare is a walker that  continuously collects passive and contextual gait data, with the goal of predicting and preventing senior falls.  Its computer vision algorithm captures spatio-temporal gait metrics of the user and sends the data to a health care provider. The company claims that  the walker could measure an osteoarthritic limp to improve PT protocols, and […]

Robot leads senior fitness classes, corrects participant form

Robocoach uses motion-sensor technology to coach seniors during exercise classes. Created by Ngee Ann Polytechnic student Lim Pei Xuan, the robot has blue eyes and two teeth, and mimics human movements, Voices are recognized, including instructions to start the session. In large group workouts, the pace is slowed, to ensure that everyone can keep up.   Robocoach […]

Biological age blood test could identify dementia risk

King’s College London professor James Timmons has developed a gene signature blood test that he believes could be used to predict Alzheimer’s disease.  His goal is early detection and preventative treatment. The test is the first to  measure biological age. Researchers analyzed  thousands of blood, brain and muscle samples to find 150 markers of gene activity associated with good […]

Sleep sensor directs appliances, allows remote monitoring

Samsung’s SleepSense measures breathing, heart rate, and movement in real time, without  touching the body. The company claims that this monitoring results in a 97% accurate sleep score, delivered to one’s phone. SleepSense can communicate with a television, audio system, thermostat, and other household devices, to create a favorable sleep environment.  TVs can be turned off […]

Sensor sweater guides senior rehabilitation

Vigour, by Pauline van Dongen,  is a sensor sweater developed for geriatric rehabilitation.  The knitted cardigan, with integrated stretch sensors, discreetly and continuously monitors upper body movement.  Two sensors monitor  lower back movement, and one under each arm monitors shoulder and arm movement. Data is transferred to the user, caregiver, or physician.  It can be worn […]

Human cell sensor detects chemical changes early

University of Rochester‘s Spencer Rosero is developing a human cell sensor that, when implanted,  detects subtle biological changes to provide advanced warning of health issues. The cells are engineered to detect specific chemical changes. When a variation is discovered, the cells respond, and a fluorescent light glows. The sensor’s camera  enables patients and doctors to […]

Stamp sized wearable detects falls

As part of its IoT Ubiquitousware platform, Fujitsu has developed a stamp sized sensor tag that detects falls, position, posture, and temperature changes. The tags contain accelerometers, barometers, gyroscopes and microphones. They can also include heart rate sensors and GPS modules. Data is transmitted via Bluetooth Low Energy. Algorithms analyze the data and automatically send alerts […]