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Built-in, contactless sensors monitor breathing

Novelda’s building-integrated “XeThru” sensor modules detect human presence and monitor respiration.  Breath rate and depth are measured and tracked in real-time.   The use of radio waves, rather than infrared, ultrasound or light, allows the modules to ‘see through’ a variety of objects, including  building materials and blankets. The sensors are intended for hidden, tamper proof, […]

Cochlear implant could improve senior cognition, mood

Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital researchers examined 94 cochlear implant patients 3 times — before they received the device, 6 months after implantation, and 1 year after implantation. A year after the implant, (65 – 85 year old) subjects heard words more clearly, and most had improved cognition and fewer depression symptoms.  Dr. Isabelle Mosnier and colleagues detailed […]

Home + wearable sensors detect motor function issues

Fujitsu Laboratories,  CASALA, and Insight@UCD  have developed technology that detects abnormal motor function early using wearable and home embedded sensors. 110 ambient sensors were installed in a home which, combined with wearable sensors,  collected extensive daily routine data.   Researchers discovered abnormalities that often go unnoticed by doctors by extracting “opened door” or “walked” events that […]

Another smartwatch for seniors

Device makers continue to address the phenomenon of seniors living longer, and independently aging in place. Lively, who last year crowdfunded a  senior monitoring sensor system that  operates independently of a Wi-Fi network, has released a smartwatch.  It relies on the Lively Hub, with its own cellular network. The watch gives medicine reminders, or alerts when medicine […]

Study: Antidepressant may slow Alzheimer’s progression

In a potential breakthrough, a study published yesterday in Science Translational Medicine shows the SSRI Celexa driving down beta amyloid production in both mice and humans.  The lead author is Professor Yvette Sheline from Washington University in St. Louis. Citalopram was found to reduce the concentration of beta-amyloid in the cerebrospinal fluid in non-Alzheimer’s patients by 38%. Researchers […]

Robot and sensor system for seniors

GiraffPlus is an integrated sensor and robot system aimed at keeping seniors healthy and independent in their own homes.  It is being developed by a consortium of European universities. The robot uses a Skype-like interface to allow caregivers to virtually visit seniors. Sensors on the ceiling, doors, and under the mattress help the system understand where the person […]