Single blood drop to detect dozens of diseases

HealthTell is another single blood drop home diagnosis device.  ApplySci described Dr. Eugene Chan‘s Nokia X prize winning similar system  last month.

HealthTell claims to detect disease by monitoring the body’s immune response.  Infection antibodies are detected with a peptide built semiconductor wafer. When a few drops of blood hit the surface, antibodies stick to the peptides in patterns that can show characteristics of specific diseases (after analysis). Human and mice studies have shown that the technology might detect lupus, valley fever, Alzheimer’s disease, brain cancer, pancreatic cancer, and Type 2 diabetes.

Theranos, another promising, single blood drop, self diagnosis system, tests for antigens for certain cancers, hepatitides, cholesterol, and dozens of diseases. It has been embraced by investors, raising $400 million to date.  Little has been published about the Theranos system in scientific journals, while HealthTell has published 20 peer reviewed articles.