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Airplane seat sensors monitor physical, emotional states

FlightBeat, designed by TU Delft students, uses  airplane seat integrated heart rate sensors to monitor the physical and emotional state of passengers. Data is transmitted wirelessly to the crew, and presented on a color-coded seat map showing which passengers need attention.  Health information can also be sent to physicians or family members on the ground. The goal […]

ResearchKit can simplify, improve diagnostics

As a company devoted to improving the human condition through health innovation, ApplySci was delighted to hear yesterday’s ResearchKit announcement.  The framework allows people to easily join health studies, and simplifies the process by bringing research to one’s phone. ResearchKit’s first tests detect Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma, and breast cancer.  Apple worked with 12 institutions to […]

Multiple measurements, including blood pressure, from shirt sensor insert

Nike was recently awarded a patent for a skin-touching sensor system that can be inserted into a shirt.  It can measure heart rate, blood pressure, hydration, and skin temperature, and transmit the data over radio frequencies, Bluetooth and WiFi. If it works, the ability measure blood pressure from shirt sensors, combined with other vital signs, is […]

Electrode/patch system monitors physical & mental health of soldiers

University at Buffalo professor Albert H. Titus, Sentient Science, and ONR are developing technology to monitor physical and psychological stress levels of soldiers, and send alerts when distress is detected. The wireless system includes electrodes that measure heart rate, brain activity and other vital signs, and are attached to the skin adhesively or sewn into […]

UP3 – fitness tracker or medical monitor?

 As fitness tracker features become increasingly similar to those of medical devices, Jawbone will release a powerful, fashionable, sensor based wristband.  The UP3 will  be stylish, with its Chanel-like quilt pattern and slim form.  It will also include multiple temperature and motion sensors,  and four electrodes that send electrical signals into wrist tissue. Using bioimpedance analysis, the […]