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Piezoelectric sensor car seat monitors respiration, heart rate

Faurecia‘s “Active Welness” car seat monitors respiration and heart rate with embedded piezoelectric sensors.  The goal is to detect driver stress or alertness.  When low energy is detected, the seat responds with specific massage patterns and air flow through the ventilation system.  The non-contact sensors were developed by Hoana Medical.  Combined with advanced algorithms and signal processing, Faurecia […]

Simple, rapid “tricorder” vital sign monitoring

Johns Hopkins researchers  have developed a “tricorder” that quickly picks up vital signs from a patient’s lips and fingertip. MouthLab could replace bulky monitors and gather more data during  an ambulance, emergency room, doctor’s office or home assessment. Heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, breathing rate, blood oxygen and a basic ECG are measured.   Early […]

Phone sensors measure oxygen saturation with out pulse oximeter

MoveSense allows oxygen saturation to be monitored  by phone sensors with what its developers describe as medical accuracy.  A mobile phone must be carried in one’s pocket, and no pulse oximeter is required.  The technology was developed by Bruce Schatz at the University of Illinois. In a study, patients wore pulse oximeters (for comparison) and carried phones […]

Heart monitoring t-shirt

Imec and Holst Centre researchers have developed a smart t-shirt that monitors heart rate, heart rate variability, activities performed and calories burned.  The data is shared via the cloud to a user or doctor’s phone, tablet or computer. The fabric contains miniaturized electronic modules with high accuracy and ultra-low power multi-sensor data acquisition chips. Processing, battery […]

Necklace, scale, cuff to monitor vitals, help manage CHF

toSenses‘s CoVa necklace, and prototype floor pad and cuff/handle combination, measure pulse oximetry, heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate and temperature.  The various forms of monitoring are meant to improve compliance and ease of use. CoVa has received FDA clearance, and is primarily used as a congestive heart failure alert/management system. The scale-like pad uses bioimpedance […]

Car-based heart, brain activity monitoring

“Sixth Sense” by Jaguar/LandRover attempts to monitor a driver’s heart rate, respiration and  brain activity to identify stress, fatigue and lack of concentration. The  XJ “wellness seat” analyzes heart rate and breathing, has  touchscreens that predict which button a user wants to press with fingers mid-air, and has a vibrating  accelerator pedal that communicates hazards. […]

Phone ECG detects irregular heartbeat

USC‘s Leslie Saxon has released a study showing that smartphone ECG sensors can detect atrial fibrillation in the general population. 865 participants were given AliveCor enabled smartphone ECG sensors.  57,703 thirty-second ECGs were recorded and wirelessly transmitted to the cloud via an acquisition and interpretation app.  AF was detected in 185 recordings from 93 participants. After […]