Contact-free blood pressure, heart and breath rate monitoring

Cornell’s Edwin Kan has developed a contact-free vital sign monitor  using radio-frequency signals and microchip tags. Blood pressure, heart rate and breath rate  are measured when radio waves bounce off the body and internal organs, and are detected by an electronic reader from a location anywhere in the room.  200 people can be monitored simultaneously. According […]

Single phone sensor tracks heart rate, HR variability, BP, oxygen saturation, ECG, PPG

 Sensio by MediaTek is a  biosensor that monitors  heart rate, heart rate variability,  blood pressure, peripheral oxygen saturation levels, ECG and PPG, from a smartphone, in 60 seconds.  This could allow continuous monitoring with out multiple sensors. LEDs and a light sensitive sensor measure the absorption of red and infrared light from a  user’s fingertips. […]

Robots visualize actions, plan, with out human instruction

Sergey Levine and UC Berkeley colleagues have developed robotic learning technology that enables robots to visualize how different behaviors will affect the world around them, with out human instruction.  This ability to plan, in various scenarios,  could improve self-driving cars and robotic home assistants. Visual foresight allows robots to predict what their cameras will see if they perform […]

Tiny sensor analyzes biomarkers in sweat

EPFL’s Adrian Ionescu  has developed a miniature chip  that analyzes biomarkers in sweat to understand a wearer’s health. It is the basis of a modular system that can measure sodium and potassium concentrations (that signal dehydration); body temperature and pH (to detect bacteria and risk factors for other illnesses); chlorine levels (as an early indication of […]