Exoskeleton builds muscle capacity, improves posture in cerebral palsy

Thomas Bulea and NIH colleagues have developed a robotic exoskeleton for children with cerebral palsy. “Crouch gait,” where a person walks with a perpetual bend in their knees, is a hallmark of the disease. This damages muscles and joints and  results in  paralysis for half of cerebral palsy patients. Bulea believes that increasing the amount […]

Patch monitors diabetes compounds in sweat for 1 week

University of Texas professor Shalini Prasad has developed an adhesive sensor that measures diabetes-associated compounds in small amounts of sweat. Blood glucose levels, cortisol and interleukin-6 are detected in perspiration for one week with full signal integrity.  The device uses ambient sweat, created by the body with out stimulation. The sensor can be placed anywhere […]

Detecting dementia with automated speech analysis

WinterLight Labs is developing speech analyzing algorithms to detect and monitor dementia and aphasia.  A one minute speech sample is used to determine the lexical diversity, syntactic complexity, semantic content, and articulation associated with these conditions. Clinicians currently conduct similar tests by interviewing patients and writing their impressions on paper. The company believes that their […]

Robotic, in-vivo neuron recording

Ed Boyden and MIT colleagues have developed a robotic system capable of monitoring specific neurons. An algorithm based on multiple image processing methods analyzes microscope images and guides a robotic arm to within 25 microns of a target cell. The system then relies on both imagery and impedance, which more accurately detects contact between the […]

Google incorporates depression screening in search

Google has introduced a new depression screening feature.  When the word “depression” is used in search, mobile users are offered a PHQ-9 questionnaire, which recognizes symptoms. A “Knowledge Panel” containing information and potential treatments appears on top of the page. The goal is self awareness, and encouragement to seek help when needed. Another company dedicated to […]