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Optical sensor could detect cancer, other diseases, earlier

Guiseppe Strangi and Case Western colleagues have developed a highly sensitive optical sensor, based on nanostructured metamaterials.  The researchers claim that is is 1 million times more sensitive than current sensors, and capable of identifying a single lightweight molecule in a highly dilute solution.  This could dramatically improve the detection of cancer and other diseases. […]

Machine learning analysis of doctor notes predicts cancer progression

Gunnar Rätsch and Memorial Sloan Kettering colleagues are using AI to find similarities between cancer cases.  Ratsch’s algorithm has analyzed 100 million sentences taken from clinical notes of about 200,000 cancer patients to predict disease progression. In a recent study, machine learning was used to classify  patient symptoms, medical histories and doctors’ observations into 10,000 clusters. Each […]

Handheld microscope identifies cancer cells during surgery

University of Washington, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Stanford University and Barrow Neurological Institute researchers are developing a handheld, miniature microscope to allow surgeons to “see” at a cellular level in the operating room.  This can enable more precise brain tumor removal, as surgeons try not  to leave cancerous material behind, while protecting healthy brain matter. […]

Nanofiber sensor glove could detect breast cancer

Tokyo University’s Takao Someya and Harvard’s Zhigang Suo are developing thin, bendable, pressure sensitive, nanofiber sensors that could be be incorporated into gloves to detect breast tumors. The 1.9 inch square sheet has 144  pressure measuring locations, and can detect pressure even when twisted.  Many researchers are developing flexible pressure sensors, but they are vulnerable when bent […]

Phone chip may sense cancer in breath

Image:  The Yomiuri Shimbun A consortium led by Yoshikawa, Genki and National Institute for Materials Science colleagues is in the early stages of developing a phone sensor that they claim is capable of detecting cancer by analyzing breath odor. A tiny chip is said to determine whether substances linked to cancer exist in one’s breath, and calculates […]

Machine learning based cancer diagnostics

Search engine giant Yandex is using its advanced machine learning capabilities to detect cancer predisposition. Yandex Data Factory has partnered with AstraZeneca to develop the RAY platform, which analyzes DNA testing results, generates a report about patient genome mutations, and provides treatment recommendations and side effect information. Testing will begin next month. The two companies have signed a cooperation […]

Ultrasound penetrates blood-brain barrier to treat brain tumor

Todd Mainprize at Sunnybrook Hospital has, for the first time,  delivered chemotherapy directly to a brain tumor, by breaking through the blood-brain barrier using tightly focused ultrasound. The patient’s bloodstream was  infused with a chemotherapy drug, as well as microscopic bubbles, which are smaller than red blood cells and can pass freely through blood. MRI-guided, low intensity sound […]